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Urine Odor Removal

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Odors, particularly urine, are one of the most common problems with fabrics that we are called to address. They can come from a variety of sources, with pets and pests being some of the most common urine sources in the home. As part of carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, we are also able to deal with odors like urine. We are able to precisely target the source of the odor and, from there, we will then use specialist chemicals to remove it safely, and without damaging the fabric. Our Fredericksburg carpet cleaning company is also able to work with customers to remove odors from more than just carpets too.


Urine Sources

We love them, but animals like pets are one of the biggest sources of urine in the home, especially when they aren’t toilet trained, and it can come from other sources too. When an accident happens the urine can quickly make its way into a carpet and other fabrics, as well as working its way into the surfaces underneath too. From there, the moisture will evaporate leaving a potent odor source that is difficult to remove. While this is bad enough, it can also make a good area for pathogens to grow, making an already bad smell even worse. No matter where this is, however, we are more than able to deal with it.


Safe Chemicals

Odors like urine can be potent smells, and so many people worry that equally powerful chemicals will be needed to get rid of them. We use a combination of equipment to precisely locate the source of the odor, allowing us to target it at the source. From there, we use specialist cleaning chemicals to neutralize the odor and remove the source. The chemicals that we use are safe, and won’t damage your fabric either. The fact that we can also precisely target the odor at its source also means that we are able to minimize the quantity of chemicals that we use.


Effective Odor Removal

Urine odors can be particularly stubborn to remove. Not only do they get into fabrics, but they can penetrate to underlying layers and crystallize there, and simple washing is often not enough to get them out. We use specialist cleaning equipment that works to penetrate deep into fabrics so that it can effectively flush out the chemicals responsible for the odor. Once this is done, the cleaning fluids we use are able to break down the remaining urine to ensure that the odor is completely neutralized. Should we need to, we are also able to move carpets to ensure that the underlying layers are effectively treated and odor-free.


Any Material

While carpets are the most common area for urine stains and their odors, at our Fredericksburg carpet cleaning company we are able to handle the odor source, wherever it might be. As well as tackling carpet cleaning and odor removal here, we are also more than able to clean other fabrics and surfaces too. This means that we are able to clean upholstery, rugs, and other fabrics that are harboring the smell. If you are having problems with urine odor and are not sure what to do, why don’t you call us today and find out what we can do to help you?

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