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Tile and Grout Cleaning


Carpets are one of the most popular flooring materials, but tiles are also incredibly common. These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor situations, as well as being commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms too. Our Fredericksburg Carpet Cleaning service is able to provide an efficient cleaning service for any tiles, whether they are in flooring, backsplashes, or somewhere else. We are able to clean all forms of mold and stains from tiles as well as grout. From there, we can also coat grout with a protective sealer to make sure that moisture and mold can seep into the material and cause more discoloration.


Indoors And Outdoors

Tiles are not just in one place in the home and can be found everywhere, from floors to kitchen backsplashes and outdoor patios. Outdoor tiles often have molds, lichens, and even plants that grow on them, not to mention oils and other stains. Indoor ones are protected from lichens and some molds, but are still vulnerable to mildew and other stains, particularly if they are regularly exposed to water. No matter where your tiles are, or what their function is, we will have a cleaning solution that is right for them.


Grout Cleaning

Grout is a central part of most tiled surfaces, providing a robust surface for the tiles to adhere to while also being a crisp, clean joint. Grout is also porous and provides a haven for stains, bacteria, and molds, however, and washing this can fade the dirt but can just as easily work it in further. To properly deal with this you need a professional service. Our Fredericksburg carpet cleaning service is able to provide cleaning solutions that penetrate into the grout without damaging it, enabling us to lift the molds, dirt, and stains, and ensuring that they are completely gone. From there we are able to seal the grout, preventing further stains and other problems.


Grout Sealing

Grout is commonly used between tiles, but its porous nature makes it highly susceptible to mold and other problems caused by moisture soaking into it. In order to keep your grout looking as fresh as possible, we are able to provide a grout sealing service alongside our tile and grout cleaning service. When we seal the grout, we will use a high-quality sealer to ensure that no moisture can soak in between your tiles. This means that your tiles are protected from water, significantly reducing the ability of mold to grow and other moisture-related problems to develop, leaving your tiles cleaner and safer for longer.


Efficient Service

When we clean your tiles and grout, our Fredericksburg carpet cleaning service has a combination of expertise and equipment that can make sure that any tile cleaning job is completed quickly, and to the high standards you expect. This is all for a competitive price too. Our team is also highly flexible, meaning that we can organize the work to be carried out at a time that works for you. If you are wanting to have your tiles and grout cleaned, we will gladly discuss our services with you, as well as organize a time for the work to be carried out.

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