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Microstatic Sanitizer

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Contact surfaces, such as handles, switches, and other surfaces often harbor a wide variety of viruses and other diseases that can cause serious health issues, but sometimes their shape or location can make them difficult to clean by conventional methods. Our Fredericksburg carpet cleaning company can offer an effective way to quickly clean all these surfaces, including the hard to reach spots. Microstatic sanitizing can introduce disinfectant to all locations and quickly destroy pathogens while simultaneously providing lasting protection too. This service is not just for homeowners either. We are also more than able to work with businesses and organizations to make sure their buildings are as safe as possible.


Effective Disinfectant

Any surface can harbor potentially dangerous pathogens, particularly those that have a lot of human contact or are in dirty areas. Our Fredericksburg carpet cleaning service is equipped with microstatic sanitizer technology to be able to efficiently clean these surfaces, no matter where they are. We use specialist disinfectants to clean all forms of surfaces, and are safe to use on everything from handrails to switches. These are designed to destroy all forms of pathogens, from fungi to viruses meaning that any surface treated with our microstatic sanitizers is effectively sterilized.


Reaches Everywhere

Cleaning by hand can be an effective way of making sure the majority of surfaces are safe and sterile, but no matter what you try, there are often areas that are hard to reach. Microstatic sanitizers are an effective way to deal with these problematic areas. When we use a microstatic sanitizer to disinfect an area, we use specialist equipment that is designed to introduce cleaning chemicals to all those hard to reach spots quickly and effortlessly. This allows us to ensure that no matter where the surface is, you can be confident it is clean and sterile.


Lasting Protection

Once you have made sure a surface is clean, you will want to make sure that it stays that way. As well as having the equipment to clean those hard to reach spots, we also have the cleaning floods to ensure that they stay clean and sanitary. Modern cleaning solutions can come in a wide variety of forms, with many containing additives that can remain on the surface to block the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms once the initial cleaning solution has done its job. Not only can these last on a surface, but they are non-harmful to people too.


Commercial Services

Microstatic sanitizing is not just for homes, and is ideally suited to larger spaces too. As well as offering our cleaning service to homeowners, our Fredericksburg carpet cleaning service is able to work with businesses and other larger organizations too. We have an experienced team that can work efficiently to ensure that all areas are carefully cleaned and sterilized. This means you can be sure that anyone in your building is as protected as possible from viruses and other pathogens. If you are a business owner, and are interested in our cleaning service, we encourage you to call us today.

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