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Yes! All our cleaning products are 99% green at RTU. Our cleaning chemistry is safe for all pets and kids!

Yes. The carpets need to be vacuumed at least 3 days before our cleaning appointment. If you can’t get to it, there is a $25 charge to vacuum.

When using our enzyme deodorizer, we guarantee urine odor removal.

We mostly clean around furniture. We recommend you move smaller items into rooms we are not cleaning, or on top of the beds.

We accept cash, checks, and cash app. We can accept debit and credit cards too but there is a 3% processing fee.

It can take as little as 2 hours, up to 8 hours to dry. This all depends on the condition of the carpets and whether or not we treat pet stains.

The carpets are safe to walk on while damp. We recommend bare feet, or clean house slippers.

Cleaning does a great job at removing surface soil. The odor is coming from your padding and subfloor. We need to use the active enzyme deodorizer to break down the urine that’s dwelling in the padding and subfloor.

We can’t guarantee stain removal. Sometimes stains are as permanent as tattoos. These usually include ink, paint, urine (that gets direct sun), furniture stains, and worn walkways. We use specialty spot removers that can be effective at removing the stains, but they can be permanent sometimes.

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